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Finland: City offers ‘incentives’ to citizens who limit their choices ”for the public good”…….


I don’t know about you, but this story creeps me out… 


So easily herded in the direction big government statists direct them, ‘pudden-heads’ like Hakkarainen are the first to line the streets shouting invective’s at offenders forced to run the gauntlet of shame. The ruling elites that applaud these rubes are the very last follow their own policies, sailing down the highway freed up by ”the masses” who now peddle themselves to work just like they do in communist China.


Lahti to reward residents for cutting emissions

Lahti will apparently be the first city to let residents track their transport emissions – and earn awards for reductions.


Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen lähdössä kotoaan Lahden Möysästä kohti rautatieasemaa ja Helsinkiä.
Image: Janne Ahjopalo / Yle


The south-central Finnish city of Lahti expects at least 1,300 residents to begin using a mobile app that will calculate their transport emissions. It will also offer prizes for lowering them, including bus tickets and shared car use. The EU-funded scheme is touted as citizens’ cap-and-trade system for CO2 emissions.


Lahti is by all accounts the first city in the world to encourage inhabitants to adopt Personal Carbon Trading (PCT) through its CitiCAP project. Under the PCT plan, locals will receive direct benefits from lowering their emissions.


Every weekday, Lahti resident Jussi-Pekka Hakkarainen, 41, cycles about five minutes to the train station and hops on a train to Helsinki, some 100 kilometres to the south. His commute to his job at a library takes less than an hour.


His family had to buy a car, though, as Hakkarainen’s partner needs it to get to work and to take their four-year-old to day care.


“I was disappointed in a way that we had to get a car, but at the moment mass transit doesn’t fully meet our family’s travel needs,” Hakkarainen tells Yle.


The city of Lahti’s Environmental Director, Saara Vauramo, sees the Hakkarainen family as a good example of environmental consciousness.



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