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Daniel Greenfield: Should an anti-Semitic Imam receive political asylum in America……?




Morally, we are under no obligation to import totalitarians who will upset/subvert our societies.



Should an anti-Semitic Imam receive political asylum in America?

Last winter, the local media was touting Imam Abdullah Khadra as a victim of President Trump’s travel ban. Khadra, a Syrian, was here on a religious worker visa and was applying for political asylum.


The refugee Imam living in North Carolina called Trump’s move, “absolutely inhumane and ridiculous.”


Jewish leftists agreed. Lucy Dinner, the clergywoman from Temple Beth Or in Raleigh, denounced “singling out an entire group of people based on their faith.” Lucy Dinner had previously signed a letter in support of anti-Israel activism by Eric and Jennifer Solomon. Eric Solomon was affiliated with the anti-Israel hate group, T’ruah, and Jenny Solomon ran controversial educational programs at the NC Hillel.


But the local media’s favorite Syrian refugee was soon caught preaching the murder of Jews.


Cary and Islam had previously been in the news when a heavily armed Muslim convert had been arrested last year by the FBI over a terror threat. “For too long the kuffar [non-Muslims] have spit in our faces and trampled our rights. This cannot continue. I cannot speak of anything. Say your dua [prayers], sleep, and watch the news tomorrow. It will only be the beginning,” he had warned.


But now an Islamic Association of Cary figure had upstaged him with his own rant.


In his sermon, Imam Khadra declared that all of Israel was “Muslim land” and would be reclaimed by Muslims. “The question is: Will you be among those who will contribute to regaining it or not?” he asked.

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