Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS Sweden

Lunatic Sweden: Lets pop the cork, only 10 Islamonazis have returned from Islamic State in 2017…….


The obvious point, is that they were allowed to return at all…


And don’t worry Sweden, you’re undermanned, overworked police force is going to keep an eye on them.


Fewer Isis sympathizers returned to Sweden last year: Säpo

Around ten people with links to Isis returned to Sweden last year after travelling to the terror organization’s areas in Syria or Iraq, according to the head of the Swedish security police.

Sweden’s security police Säpo has said that the flow of people travelling from Sweden to join Isis in the Middle East has dwindled in recent years. The number of people returning has also dropped.


“There’s been very little movement in the past year,” newswire TT quoted Säpo chief Anders Thornberg as saying, speaking at Sweden’s annual security conference ‘Folk och Försvar’ in ski resort Sälen.


He said around ten had returned in the past year, adding that Säpo keeps track of them.


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