Canada: Police say hijab-cutting incident didn’t happen…….


This kind of fake claims are more common than the police, media and apologists would have you think…


Hijab-cutting incident didn’t happen: police


a sign on a pole: <span style="font-size:13px;">The Grade 6 student whose claims were investigated had said she was walking to Pauline Johnson Junior Public School with her younger brother.</span>


TORONTO – An 11-year-old girl’s claim that a scissors-wielding man approached her on the way to school and cut her hijab has turned out to be untrue, Toronto police said Monday as they closed their investigation into what was suspected to be a hate crime.


The alleged incident, which was reported on Friday, made international headlines and had drawn swift public condemnation from the prime minister, Ontario’s premier and Toronto’s mayor.


On Monday, police said their investigation concluded with no charges laid and no consequences for the girl.


“These allegations were extremely serious and not surprisingly, they received national and international attention,” police spokesman Mark Pugash said in an interview. “We investigated, we put together a significant amount of evidence and we came to the conclusion that what was described did not happen.”


Pugash said police don’t know how the story escalated. He stressed that it’s “very unusual” for someone to make such false allegations and said he hopes it will not discourage others from coming forward.


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