Fighting Back Finland Islam 101 Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Sunni Muslim in Youtube video addresses Finnish President: Say NO to Salafists/Muslim Brotherhood in Finland…….


But will the ”impenetrable by fact” president listen..?


This is an excellent video by a self professed Sunni Muslim Arab in Finland, warning of the dangers in letting Islam 101’ers to call the shots here. We do not need a grand beachhead (mosque) nor do we need to be inundated with huge numbers of people unable to assimilate themselves. If every Muslim thought the way this brave soul thinks, we would not be having a problem with Arabs, nor with Muslims. It’s not the color of the ears that concerns us, but what travels back and forth between them.


We are however at great odd with Islam itself. We shouldn’t however, equate Islam with Muslims, for it’s the ideology that stunts, limits, retards and destroys lives. It’s simply not our fault Islam is what it is, and we shouldn’t apologize for needing to place a buffer between them and us. I wish it weren’t true, but being a realist and knowledgeable of the subject, I know that I’m right. Good people like the man in the below video are not the problem, but they’re not going to make any kind of headway with the Muslim community.


We need to heed is warning though, and our political leadership does as well.



H/T: Special thanks to Junes Lokka

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