Finland: Ethnic Somali Islamonazi Hussein Faisal Ali dead in Syria, hit by airstrike…….


Good riddance..!



Finnish-ethnic Somali jihadist died in Syria – his father last year tried to be president of Somalia


Living in Espoo’s Leppävaara, Hussein Faisal Ali invited the Finnish people in August 2014, through an Isis propaganda video to join the “caliphate”.


Hussein Faisal Ali Warabe, a Finnish citizen, fought as a JIHADIST INIsis, has died in Syria, according to the Kenyan news channel Voice of Africa (VOA). 


The Somali-based Hussein Faisal Ali was also known as Abu Shuayb as-Somalia (from Finland).

Death is confirmed by Faisal Ali Warabe , father of Faisal Ali, Hussein, who is also a Finnish citizen. In November, Warabe sought to  be president of Somalia , but only received four percent of the vote.

Warabe tells VOA that he heard of his son’s death on Saturday in a WhatsApp message sent by his wife.

Hussein Faisal Ali, who resided in Leppävaara, Espoo, traveled to Syria in early 2013. He soon joined the jihadist organization Isis.

In 2014 Hussein Faisal Ali made his Isis propaganda video, in which he called Muslims in Finnish to join the “caliphate”.

Hussein Faisal Ali and his ethnic Ethiopian wife joining the ranks of Isis can be read in this extensive article on the Monthly Attachment .

FATHER Faisal Ali Warabe believes his son died in an airstrike, as the area he was in, was not known to have been a scene of any fighting.

Obviously Hussein Faisal Ali was battling in Isis’ last  fortress in Raqqa. Raqqa collapsed in October as the last great city controlled by Isis, but thousands of Isis fighters were allowed to flee  in a large convoy.




Never to come back! 


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