Germany Global Warming Helsingin Sanomat

Finland’s HelsinginSanomat blows a thermal gasket over German realism in shelving Glo-Bull warming emission goals…….


I say double or even triple the amount of carbon currently being emitted into the atmosphere…


Using their argument that humanity is solely responsible for warming the globe (highly doubtful that it’s even been warming, let alone man caused), I say help grow more plants in the world by making the climate warmer. Another log on the fire please.



HS correspondent Anna-Liina Kauhanen is livid:

“Germany’s climate reputation is tarnished, when Christian Democrats and SDP agree for unity government that 2020 carbon emissions goal do not have to be reached.”


Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz agreed that the German emission targets for the coming years need not be upheld – the decision is embarrassing and barriers to international climate change

ANGELA MERKEL’S Christian Democrats and Martin Schulz’s Social Democrats’s first round of government bargaining ends on Thursday night. If negotiations continue, it will finally be resolved at the SDP Conference on next week’s Sunday.

Although there is now only a warm-up round, it is clear that the great coalition of Christian Democrats and Democrats would be a very different kind of government than it would have been the so-called Jamaica assembly, the government of the Christian Democrats, Greens and Liberal Democrats.

The difference is well reflected in, for example, energy and climate policy.



…And what did Merkel and Schulz negotiators do for the first time? They agreed that Germany did not stick to the 2020 emission reduction targets itself. The line was dismayed by many, not least by greens. Without the pressure of the Greens, the other parties are ready to wipe the table with their climate commitments. Merkel and Germany’s reputation as a responsible climate policy actor is a decree and embarrassing to the international climate problem. The price of emission rights immediately began to decline.



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