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Raymond Ibrahim: The Western media’s ongoing attempts to portray aggressors—even suicide-bombers—as victims…….


They’re disgusting, the same bunch of fake news artists that existed when most people were still ignorant of the term during the heyday of anti-Israel ”reporting”.



The Western media’s ongoing attempts to portray aggressors—even suicide-bombers—as victims.

Raymond Ibrahim

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

PJ Media

The so-called mainstream media’s approach to and apologias for Islamic terrorism have become as predictable as they are farcical.  In a recent piece titled, “A Mysterious Act of Mercy by the Subway Bombing Suspect,” the New York Times’ Jeffrey Gettleman portrays would-be suicide bomber Akayed Ullah—whose foiled attempt at Times Square subway last month could have massacred countless Americans—as just another Muslim youth angered at and responding to the mistreatment of Muslims, that is, a Muslim with legitimate “grievances.”  This is clear from the opening sentences:

Before Akayed Ullah returned home to New York from his native Bangladesh … he had one last thing to do — an all-night bus ride by himself to help Rohingya refugees [Muslims].  After visiting relatives here in the capital city, Dhaka, he traveled across the country, slept in a mosque and under a tree, and passed out a few hundred dollars of medicine in the crowded refugee camps.  “When he left [America], he seemed happy,” said his mother-in-law, Mahfuza Akhter. “But when he returned, he was so upset. He said those people were living in hell, each and every minute.”

“That lonely trip across Bangladesh in September remains a mystery,” Gettleman goes on to opine, wondering whether Ullah was “following his own heart, reflecting some sort of inner struggle as he headed toward his first known act of violence and self-destruction.”  Gettleman claims to base this “tragic hero” image of the would-be Muslim suicide bomber on “extensive interviews with more than a dozen friends, relatives and acquaintances,” all of whom (opportunistically?) say that Ullah was “outraged by injustices inflicted on Muslims.  He was also described by several people who know him well as loving and giving.”  According to Gettleman, such claims “still leave a hole as to why Mr. Ullah did this.”


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