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Laura Huhtasaari in Yle’s election evening speech: “Freedom of expression is a key human right…….”


It’s something that the circle nerds at Yle, HelsinginSanomat, various policy makers and the Finnish police have all gotten ass backwards…


Laura Huhtasaari in Yle’s election evening speech: freedom of expression is a key human right


– I defend freedom of speech because I support democracy. Effective democracy can handle a multiplicity of opinion. The silencing or suppressing of different opinions has never led to anything good, said Laura Huhtasaari, the Finns Party nominee for president in a speech to YLE’s studio audience.


– Without a public debate, you will not get your voice heard, you can’t run your own agenda nor you will be able to hold your rulers accountable.  When the rulers do not allow a multiplicity of opinion, it begins to limit the freedom of speech, Huhtasaari said.


Huhtasaari drew attention in her speech to the way those who restrict freedom of speech will always find a higher purpose that sanctifies the means.


–  Freedom of expression is restricted by marketing it well – who is going to say anything bad about it. Let’s take a vague term such as a hate speech, it’s then politicized, and the hunt for hate speech begins.


Huhtasaari recalled the case in which Samuli Voutila, President of the Young Finns’ Youth league, received a ban on Facebook for saying that a man could not give birth.


– This did not seem to please everyone.


– I defend freedom of speech because I support democracy. I defend freedom of speech, because without it we have no other freedoms, Huhtasaari said.



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