Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt bemoans Chinese using technology to monitor Muslim community, not worried about Sweden crushing free speech rights…….


Sweden is as close as a Western state can come in behaving like a Stalinist state…


The Buzzfeed article is about surveillance technology and totalitarian regimes, and should we also be worried about it being used against us. We should be worried about it, but what about the open crushing of political dissent in the form of ”defamation of religion’ and incitement of a minority group (criticizing/impugning/mocking Islam and its followers) ?


The same can be said of the Finnish state as well, it aggressively pursues Finns on social media speaking their minds about the desert death-cult and its followers. Incitement to immediate violence should ALWAYS be condemned, and remain a punishable crime, but mocking or criticizing Islam and any of its followers, no.


Many of you might wonder what my ‘fixation’ with the former PM/FM of Sweden, Carl Bildt is all about, why do I post anything about him. Well I use him as a needed foil. He represents the mindset that I detest. A so called liberal-conservative like the former PM/FM of Finland, Alexander Stubb, they are nothing more than crony capitalist welfare business politicians, who love the nanny state as much as the statist Marxists. So while they promote themselves to be classical liberals, they’re anything but, that’s why Bildt, Stubb and the rest of their ilk champion the crackdown on what people may say. If they could, they’d prosecuting people for what they think as well.



Buzzfeed’s article is here. It’s opening paragraphs depict the Uighur Muslims as a beleaguered community under the oppressive eye of the Chi-Coms. In essence, it’s actually authoritarians putting down authoritarians.

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