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Demand that Linda Sar-Sewer apologize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali…….


It’ll never happen…


Demand That Linda Sarsour Apologize to Ayaan Hirsi Ali!

Fake feminist and Jihad-promoter Linda Sarsour has blocked Muslim reformer Imam Tawhidi on Twitter because he asked her to apologize for her grotesque and vicious tweet about the courageous truth-teller about Islam, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


In the tweet, Sarsour expressed her desire to whip Ali and take her vagina away.  (Note that Hirsi Ali was subjected to female genital mutilation when she was five years old in Somalia.)


Sarsour’s yearning for this sadistic violence also, as the Tweet indicates, includes Brigitte Gabriel, another brave and heroic opponent of Islamic Supremacism.


We are asking everyone to GO TO TWITTER and demand that @lsarsourapologize — until either she does or is forced to block all of us!


More here.  

P.S. I’m already blocked.


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