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Finland shoves coal, loon environment minister wants to phase it out entirely by 2025…….


Everywhere we’ve got the worst of the worst running the show…


Environment Minister proposes coal-free Finland by 2025

Minister of the Environment, Energy and Housing Kimmo Tiilikainen has proposed that Finland should move up its ban on coal-burning for power to 2025. The government had previously agreed on a 2030 date for phasing out the fossil fuel in the country’s energy market.


Finland’s Environment, Energy and Housing Minister Kimmo Tiilikainen wants Finland to rid itself of coal-burning power plants in the next seven years. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is currently considering a 2030 cut-off date, but Tiilikainen announced on Saturday that he is going to spearhead efforts to bump up the deadline to 2025.


In an interview with the Finnish Broadcasting Company, the minister justified his proposal by citing figures from Statistics Finland that indicate that greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise. The state-owned number cruncher reported in December 2017 that Finland’s carbon dioxide emissions were up by six percent in 2016, compared with the previous year. The main reason for the increase was an unexpected rise in coal burning for electricity and heating.


But does the minister really think that Finland could eliminate its reliance on coal-burning power plants in less than a decade?


“The sooner the better when it comes to the environment. Our report will assess the impact a faster schedule will have,” Minister Tiilikainen says.



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