Swedish police tired of violence: “We are prepared to have fireworks shot at us – but not our cars blown up”…….


Multiculturalism blowback, the cops feel it as well…


Swedish police have become tired of the violence: “We are prepared to have fireworks shot at us – but not our cars blown up”

The police house was fired at Västerås, a police car was blown up in Malmö, and rockets were fired at police stations across Sweden. HS met with police in the Stockholm suburbs.

SOLNA police station is packed with a van with blue lights and a special windshield. The clock is only four, but it’s a blur already.


Police officers Jonatan Hernandez and Martin Marmgren are out. “This has to go fast,” Marmgren says.

A third police officer, a younger woman, does not want an interview or pictures for security reasons. The trio is on the way for an evening shift to one of the most difficult of Stockholm’s suburbs from the police’s perspective.

“We go to Rinkebyhyn. There has been recent violent violence between gangs, “Marmgren begins. “The first priority is to control the gang leaders and stop the drug dealers.”


Hernandez also tells of verbal threats. “I know where you live, I know where you work, that kind of stuff.”


SWEDEN began the election year on Monday. In September there will be voting. It is now clear that security is one of the major topics of discussion for the parliamentary elections. In the last few weeks, Swedes have been shocked by Malmö’s four short-term suspected mass rape suspects.

At the same time, violence against the police has risen. The threshold for serious attacks seems low.

In Västerås, the policeman’s was fired upon in October with a machine gun. It was a good thing that none of the sleeping family inside was injured. In Malmö, a police car parked in front of the police station just before the New Year was blown up. Christer Palmkvist,

According to Vice-chairman of the Swedish Police Freedom Organization some of the Swedish police are starting to have had enough. “The atmosphere is a bit frustrating,” he says.

The most recent issue raised a tradition that should not be a tradition at all. During this new year, the Swedish police also had fireworks shot at them. In Kristianstad, one peace officer felt threatened enough to pull out a gun.


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