Italy: EU Frontex hyping ‘only 119 000’ Muslim settlers arriving in their country, 2017 was supposedly a great year…….


The Local headlines it as a 34% drop in levels, but it’s still almost 120 000 people who shouldn’t be in the country at all…


Majority of these same pro-immigration people hated the fact that boats were turned around, or NGO’s who aided the process of mass inundation of Italian shores denied access to the area.


Italy migrant levels down 34 percent in 2017: Frontex

The number of migrants who arrived in Italy in 2017 was 34 percent down on 2016, according to figures published on Friday by the EU border agency, Frontex.


Italy migrant levels down 34 percent in 2017: Frontex


Around 119,000 people arrived by sea in 2017 compared to 181,126 a year earlier, taking the number back to pre-2014 levels, the agency said.


The downward trend began in July following a 20 percent spike in arrivals between January and June. Some 10,400 landed at Italy’s ports during the last three days of June alone, prompting the country to introduce controversial measures after EU neighbours refused to share the burden.


As a result of the measures, which included clamping down on NGO rescue ships and boosting the Libyan coastguard’s ability to intercept boats, arrivals dropped by 70 percent in the second half of the year.


There have also been moves to tighten Libya’s southern borders, accelerate repatriations directly from Libya and measures to stem the flow of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa through transit states such as Niger and Sudan.


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