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Danish People’s Party curfew plan for ghettos faces cross-aisle criticism……


So any rational proposal to crack down on violence and mayhem will be opposed by dunderheads on either side.


Danish populists’ curfew plan for ghettos faces cross-aisle criticism

Politicians on the left and right of Denmark’s parliament have distanced themselves from a proposal by the populist Danish People’s Party (DF) to impose a curfew on youths living in socially marginalised areas.

Two prominent names in the libertarian Liberal Alliance party, a partner in the right-wing coalition government, publically criticised a proposal by DF to introduce a curfew for young people in areas considered to be ‘ghettos’.


The DF proposal is one of seven made in response to Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s New Year speech declaration that he wants to tackle social issues related to underprivileged areas.


Liberal Alliance minister for culture Mette Bock criticised the curfew proposal in a Facebook message posted on Thursday.


“Curfew for youths after 8pm… are we in Denmark?”, Bock wrote.


More here.

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