Anti-Semitism in Sweden Sweden

Swedish ambassador to Israel says his government has failed Jews if they have to hide their Judaism…….


How are we to interpret the veracity of this ambassador’s supposed ‘Damascus Road’ revelation, well, just read the following line:

Hellgren said Sweden does not have an anti-Israel foreign policy.

This ambassador more than likely believes in Sweden’s mass immigration of Muslim Jew haters, otherwise he would never have gotten such a high level government position. I just can’t take whatever he says about Jews seriously.



BY JTA JANUARY 5, 2018 15:26

“If a single Jew,” feels they must hide their Judaism, the ambassador said, “we have failed.”




Swedish authorities have failed to protect the country’s Jewish community, the Scandinavian country’s ambassador to Israel said following antisemitic incidents in Malmo and Gothenburg.

Magnus Hellgren said this in an interview for the Israeli daily Makor Rishon following the attempted torching of the Gothenburg synagogue and cries about killing Jews in Malmo. Both events happened amid protests over President Donald Trump’s Dec. 6 recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


Commenting on the fear of some Swedish Jews to be seen wearing a kippa on the street due to security concerns, Hellgren told Makor Rishon: “This is the reality of the Jewish community and it’s a failure, it’s not something that should be allowed to happen.” He also said: “If a single Jew feels this way, we have failed.”

Police officers who heard the cries to shoot Jews during the Malmo rally would have intervened, but the cries were in Arabic and the “officers simply didn’t understand,” Hellgren said.

He also said the Swedish state has not given local Jewish communities the resources they asked for to provide security, and said this problem is being addressed.

Critics of Sweden’s policy toward Israel have charged that it was legitimizing attacks on Jews, including in Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom’s claim in 2015 that Israel’s actions are behind terrorist attacks by jihadists in France.

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