Hate Speech Laws a Threat to the Oppressed Iranian People……


Raising one’s hand against theocratic regime is in fact apostasy plain and clear. That is the true meaning of anti-Islamic revolution in Iran.



By Johnny Too Bad

Thanks to Obama, Western people will finally see who the Iranian people really are. In the first “Twitter revolution” in 2009, people in Tehran were brutally silenced by the Islamic government. Of the 80 million population less than one had a smart phone. This time, almost ten years later, there are about 48 million smart phones in Iran. Social media is the only way to get information other than Iranian state propaganda.

Obama did everything to keep the Islamic Republic in power. He turned off his support for jihadists in Syria. He did a thing you never expect a Nobel peace prize winner to do: Obama wrecked the DEA’s investigation on Hezbollah’s worldwide narcotics network.


The Iranian people saw how after the nuke deal the Islamic tyranny gained fat around its bones, but soon they harshly realized, the mullahs had no intention to feed hungry mothers and their little babies. Instead of that, countless mothers were cautioned and fined for breaking the sacred law which instructs modest dressing including a holy rag that covers hair and shows the right position for women in family and society.


It seems that the mainstream media hesitates to say this aloud: The protests are not about bread or fuel oil; they are about Islam. It is Islam that forces the regime to choose to feed armies and militants in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen and Gaza. These armies serve as a tool for Shiite missionary work of spreading Shiite gospel in which the name it is important to victoriously kill infidels. It is Islam, in its Shiite version, that forces the regime to choose to feed the violent groups and not to choose to feed the people. It is Islam that lifts the prices. Thus, protesting high prices is to protest Islam, and the most visible way to protest is to take off the symbol of Islamic oppression – hijab.


Iranian people demand freedom and democracy. The very obstacle on their way to free society is the fact the current regime does not receive its legitimacy from the people but from the Koran, Allah. Historically, the rulers’ heavenly legitimacy can be traced back in Zoroastrianism from which the Roman emperors received the model of founding the Caesar’s power in the will of gods. Later, this model was adopted by Islam. This is a model that contradicts democracy.


In democracy, the ruler has no other legitimacy than that of received from people, usually for only four years periods. Thus, the only way to bring about free democratic society in Iran is to topple down Islam.

That is why some brave Iranian girls in their early thirties took selfies of themselves sitting in a throne of Mullahs in mosques, of course their long dark hair freely flowing down their shoulders.


In the demonstrations, people have chanted death not only to theocracy, or the theocracy’s terrorist business, but to the allies of the regime too. Thus, according to an Iranian friend of mine, among the chants has been also one that calls on death for Russia, the great ally of both Syrian and Iranian regimes.

However, there probably would not have been the latest protests without Obama’s miserable politics, for it was Obama who fed the Islamic tyranny fat by the nuke deal. Thus, paradoxically Obama himself helped to start the demonstrations. If the people protest Iran’s allies, they probably should address their chants to Obama too.


After the 2009 Twitter Revolution, which sadly was not a revolution at all, the Iranian regime silenced the opposition leaders one by one. Today, there are no opposition leaders to bring the people together. There are tens or hundreds of thousands of poor protestors in the streets, but they do not have a common political program uttered by any visionary leader. Therefore, some people are afraid Iran would fall into the path of Syria. The left of course will call this imperialism, but the fact is, Iranian people need our support more than ever.


Of course, compared to Iran, Syria is another kind of case since there the common goal was to replace the Socialist tyrant by Koran. In Iran, the goal is to replace the Koran by free society. But without a coherent program this might not happen.


Without social media we probably would not hear the real voice of the Iranian people. To connect with the brave people of Iran, we need social media. If the current situation will lead to a real revolution, it will be Twitter Revolution 2.0.


Iranian government, of course, already blocked social medias such as Telegram and Facebook. The revolution is not possible without Iranian people’s ability to communicate and tell the world of suppressing acts of the regime based on Islam.


The sad part is, However, that European governments are not willing to hear any critical tones concerning the inhumane Islamic regime of Iran. In January, a new hate speech law came into effect in Germany. Robots watch people’s Twitter accounts, and the government received its first ripe fruit sooner than no one expected, since Beatrix von Storch, a leading figure in the Alternative for Germany party, was blocked from Twitter and Facebook due to the alleged anti-Muslim hate speech.


According to German anti-Islamophobia hate speech law, the poor protestors of Iran will never be able to express their hard predicament because essentially, according to laws like that, the protest are nothing but Islamophobic hate speech.


Ironically, we may trace the roots of the concept of Islamophobia back in the 80’s when the Iranian government labeled citizens unwilling to surrender under Islam as Islamophobics. Later, Islamophobia became a major propaganda tool for Muslim Brotherhood in the United States and Europe. Islamophobia serves the Islamic rulers in a similar way to that of the Soviet bureaucrats who labeled people unwilling to fit in socialism as Fascists or Nazis.


There are warning examples in Finland too. Accounts of Turkish and Iranian Kurdish Facebook users have been shut down for a fixed period because even modest criticism of hijab is considered as violation of community standards. I know two distinct cases in which this has happened.


Cowardly hate speech laws are real enemy of the oppressed Iranian people in the era of social media revolutions.

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