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Sweden is a safe greenhouse for IS terror…….


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Sweden is a safe greenhouse for IS terror

By Sofie Löwenmark

At the end of the year, three people with connections to Sweden were arrested – in London, Copenhagen and Rotterdam – accused of preparing for terrorist offenses. Nobody inscribed in Swedish Islamic extremism is surprised.


The man arrested in Copenhagen was recently released in a trial concerning a fire attack against a Shi-Muslim local in Malmö. The preliminary investigation clearly reveals the man’s thoughts and intentions. In chat conversations with his mother (who tries to speak him correctly), he tells us that he is in Europe to “state”, ie IS. He says his intention and goal is to commit terrorist acts in Europe. The attack against the shia hall is the only crime that IS has taken on Swedish soil.


That we are in the European topsheet of countries that have provided IS with the most recruits per capita is known for a long time. Similarly, there was Swedish involvement in terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels. In relation to other countries, Sweden has a lack of terrorist legislation, which has resulted in the country functioning as a safe greenhouse for this type of extremism. A greenhouse that, too, has all too often been funded with tax assets.


Radicalization does not come in the form of an airborne virus


Swedish prevention work against violence-inducing extremism, which started in spring 2014, can only be described as a flop. The work has been characterized by endless panel discussions, methodology, value-added words and a plethora of projects where no-one has known or contacted the target groups and environments concerned. Some projects have also counteracted further knowledge and research.


Much work has been done to call in what can be seen as risk groups. This is obviously not wrong in itself, but it turns out that the simple answers go again and that the more difficult the questions shine with their absence. It seems that the work so far has not only been lurked by ignorance but also of great anguish.


The national coordinator Anna Carlstedt’s statement that it is an “environmental issue”why so many from Gothenburg and Örebro have joined IS is telling how naive the work has been. The question is, in fact, relatively easy to answer. In these cities There are forces that have resolutely and efficiently recruited people. These forces in the form of associations, mosques and people have often not been very difficult to locate.


It has almost sounded like radicalization comes in the form of an airborne virus, ready to spread its infection a little here and where.


Carlstedts mantra was “Nobody was born an extremist”. If this is likely all agree. But what is the Islamic extremist mindset that actually attracts so many young people today? This is the question for which more knowledge is needed. Underlying risk factors of all glory, but more interest, importance and research must be attached to the ideology itself – Salafism and Covenant Jihadism.


From 1 January 2018, the work against extremism passes from the National Coordinator to the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ). There, a national center will be set up against violence-violent extremism. Who the government intends to appoint as head of business is still unclear.


From previous years lost, lessons can be learned. Let’s hope that BRÅ now puts competence and authenticity in the center without any shadows.

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