Iran Western Appeasement Western stooges

Lets never forget EU/Western leaders who paid homage to the thug Iranian regime in exchange for business deals…….


The laughable Swedish feminists in Tehran this past year in 2017:




Finnish President and wife, Sauli Niinistö in Iran this past year 2017:


Federica Mogherini (Marxist) EU Foreign Policy Chief in Tehran in 2016:



UK Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in Tehran in 2015:



Greek Prime Minister Tsipras in Tehran in 2016:



Austrian President Heinz Fischer in Tehran in 2015:



German Vice Chancellor and Economy Minister Sigmar in Tehran in 2015:



French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (and his Iranian counterpart Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran on July 29, 2015



When business bests all other concerns:


Representatives of Royal Dutch Shell and Iranian officials at a signing ceremony in Tehran on Wednesday



Irish Parliament Speaker Sean Barrett talks business in Tehran 2014:



Iranian ‘Supreme Leader’ receives Italian premier in Tehran 2016:



President of the Senate of Belgium Christine Defraigne in Tehran in 2016:


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