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Archbishop of Canterbury bloviates about populism…….


When has he ever railed against Leftist leaders who actually use populism on a daily basis, dividing the people, turning one portion of society against the other? You know, ‘The Have Nots vs. ‘The Haves’.


Trump is not a ‘populist’ nor a nationalist’, he’s not even a principled conservative, he’s Trump. He acts instinctively, from his gut, which works for the most part rather well. He veers at times away from conservatism but he does listen. These leftist bishops however, are impenetrable by fact and are very selective in who they dress down. Like I said, when has this clown ever voiced outrage over the Left’s use of real populism? Never.


NOTE: I believe that the world would be better off if these pseudo religious potentates took a big cup of ‘shut-up’ every now and then. Climbing down from his gilded cage to offer platitudes of humility. Shut your pie hole.


Archbishop of Canterbury takes aim at Donald Trump in Christmas message denouncing ‘populist leaders who deceive their own people’


The Archbishop of Canterbury appeared to take aim at Donald Trump in his annual Christmas sermon after criticising 'populist leaders who deceive their own people'

  • Archbishop of Canterbury warns of ‘deceitful populist leaders’ in sermon
  • Traditional speech also denounced ‘tyrants’ who enslave their own people
  • The Most Rev Justin Welby said Jesus’s power ‘is seen in his humility’
  • He also comapred the Nativity to Star Wars, Harry Potter and refugee crisis


The Archbishop of Canterbury has used his Christmas Day sermon to reflect on the terrorist atrocities and deceitfulness of ‘populist leaders’ witnessed in 2017.


The Most Rev Justin Welby told worshippers at Canterbury Cathedral that much could be learnt from the Nativity story, where Jesus is ‘power seen in humility’.


Preaching at the Sung Eucharist service, he made an apparent jibe at US President Donald Trump by contrasting the son of God with ‘populist leaders that deceive’ their people.


And in an echo of Pope Francis’s address at Christmas Eve Mass in the Vatican, the Archbishop drew a parallel between the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem and the refugee crisis.


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