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White House denies ‘outrageous’ claims that Trump said ‘everyone in Haiti has AIDS’ and Nigerian immigrants ‘will never go back to their huts after being allowed into the US’

  • The New York Times cited anonymous sources who claimed he made the comments in June
  • They said he was angry about the number of immigrants who had been allowed into the US since he took office
  • He fumed that so many had come from Haiti where ‘everyone had AIDS’, they said
  • Of the 40,000 Nigerian immigrants who had been granted visas, he allegedly said they ‘won’t go back to their huts not that they have seen the US’ 
  • Sarah Huckabee Sanders furiously denied the claims on Saturday 
  • Gen. John Kelly, Rex Tillerson and Stephen Miller – who were all present – also denied them 
  • They accused The Times of publishing ‘lies’ from sources they said they could not trust  

The White House has furiously denied a New York Times report which claims President Trump said ‘everyone’ from Haiti has AIDS during a June meeting on immigration.


The report was published on Saturday and cited anonymous sources who told The Times reporters’ they were either there or had been told about the remarks by others who were there.


Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, White House Chief of Staff General John. Kelly (who was at that time the secretary of homeland security), and domestic policy adviser Stephen Miller were all there.


They said that on the day in question, Trump stormed into the Oval Office clutching ‘sheets of papers’ which revealed how many immigrants had been allowed into the US since he took office.

He was angry that so many had, they said, and made derogatory remarks about the nations on the list.

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