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Vlad Tepes: Syrians in Germany Get Into “Religious” Argument in Integration Class, Stab Each Other……


Germany: Syrians Get Into “Religious” Argument in Integration Class, Stab Each Other

An original translation from Neue Rhein/Ruhr Zeitung:

Argument in the Integration Class: Man Wounded With Knife
Rita Meesters
Dec. 19., 2017


WESEL. Syrian woman comes into conflict with two men in an integration class, her boyfriend afterwards gets critically injured. Homicide Department is investigating.


As a consequence of an argument among the participants of an integration class, on Monday evening around 5PM, a 23-year-old was critically wounded by a knife stab into the stomach. The two suspects, a 36-year-old Syrian and a 41-year-old man from Lebanon, were arrested in the early morning hours of Tuesday in their apartments in Wesel by a special force. One of the men resisted arrest and was injured during the arrest. He is being treated in hospital, the police announces.


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