Islamophobia Ruse Robert Spencer

Freedom fighter Robert Spencer discusses the ‘Islamophobia’ lie…….


Islamophobia is a ruse…



Freedom fighter discusses the dangerous smear attacks on the foes of jihadi terror at Restoration Weekend.

ROBERT SPENCER: Thank you very much. A funny thing, I was in the supermarket the other day, and I saw this little boy. He’d gotten separated from his mother, and the manager came by and said, “What’s your name little boy?” “Muhammad.” “And, you lost your mother?” “Yes.” “Can you tell us what she looks like?” “I don’t have any idea,” and that sums up the clash of civilizations that we are embroiled in today. It is two markedly different views of the world. Two markedly different views of society, and they are actively clashing now as some of my recent experiences illustrate.


As some of you may know, I spoke at Stanford University in Palo Alto on Tuesday night, and I’ll you, before I spoke it was as if Adolf Hitler were coming to campus, and the Stanford Daily Paper, the student paper, was in an absolute uproar. They were absolutely shocked, flabbergasted, that the College Republicans and the Young America’s Foundation would have the gall, the temerity to bring someone in who demonizes and dehumanizes an entire community of people, and that’s what they said. Now, dehumanizing an entire community of people, if you step back and thing, well what exactly do I do? I have written about how Jihad terrorists use the Quran to justify violence and to make recruits among Muslims who are peaceful. If the Muslim community at Stanford was actually threatened by that, then they are actually saying, or implying, that they’re on the side of the terrorists, because if they’re not, then why would they oppose anybody who is exposing the motivating ideology of the terrorists?


I’ll tell you something else. A few months before I arrived at Stanford they had a speaker there named Aarab Barghouti, who is the son of Marwan Barghouti, who is in prison for engineering the murder of five Israeli civilians. He spoke on campus, no problem. No attack articles leading up to his appearance. No protests. Everything was fine. They also had Mads Gilbert, who is very aptly named Mads, and he is a Swedish spokesman for something or other, who has actually said that 9/11, well the Americans had it coming, and they deserved it. He spoke at Stanford, no problem, but when I spoke at Stanford, there were actual Stanford administrators, Nanci Howe, who is the Dean of Student Affairs or something or other, and her assistant whose name is Snehal Naik, and they were both at the event. They engineered it so that the room was packed about an 80 to 90 percent with people who had no intention of listening, and they actually kept out members of the College Republicans, the sponsoring group. About 5 minutes in, those 80 to 90 percent all stood up and walked out, and then Howe and Naik, the Stanford deans, prevented anybody else from coming in, even though there was a large group of people who wanted to be in, and a whole hall full of empty seats, they wouldn’t let them in.


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