Sweden: Three gang rapes in Malmö leads to hundreds protesting police giving “stay inside or walk in pairs” advice…….




Hundreds protest in Sweden after police told women to ‘stay inside or walk in pairs’ after series of violent gang rapes of teenage girls

  • Three gang rapes in less than a month have taken place in Malmo, Sweden
  • This weekend, a 17-year-old girl was brutally gang raped in a playground
  • After the most recent rape, police advised that women should not go out alone
  • Hundreds took to the streets to protest the violence and police action




Hundreds took to the streets of Malmo in southern Sweden to protest after three teenage girls were brutally gang raped – and police told women to stay indoors.


The most recent incident involved a 17-year-old girl who was raped by an unknown number of assailants in a children’s playground in the early hours of Saturday.


The following day, Malmo police issued a warning to local women not to go outside alone at night, and to walk in pairs or use taxis.


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  2. Just a year ago I remember all those beautiful smiling woman holding the signs of ‘immigrants are welcome’

    Your welcome !!

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