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EU tries to pressure Poland with strong arm tactics to ‘get its mind right’…….


EU Marxists doing all that they can to ensure that the judges seated by Poland’s last dictator remain on the bench forcing their politics on the people…

Article 7: European Union Launches Full Frontal Assault on Poland


European Commission First Vice-president Frans Timmermans has confirmed the EU executive is seeking to impose unprecedented sanctions on conservative Poland.

The 56-year-old insisted that use of Article 7 against Poland — which could see the country stripped of its EU voting rights but still subject to the bloc’s decrees — is a necessary response to the conservative Law and Justice Party government’s attempts to reform what it sees as a corrupt judicial system.


Timmermans alleges these reforms represent a “serious breach of the rule of law”.


“This is not just about the situation in Poland, this about the EU as a whole, about who we are. An issue with the rule of law in one member-state is of concern to all member-states,” the bureaucrat declared, making his position on the EU’s right to interfere in domestic matters perfectly clear.


Guy Verhofstadt, a former Prime Minister of Belgium and the European Parliament’s chosen Brexit co-ordinator, has claimed that democracy “is being dismantled” in Poland.


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