Buffoonery Islam in the Netherlands

Netherlands prosecutor’s office handles Islam convert wannabe jihadi with kid gloves after giving ‘socially desirable answers’…….


So we’re to believe that a knuckle dragging neo-nazi or hardcore radical anarchist will be treated in the exact same way if they mouth socially acceptable mantras?


Prosecution prevents attack by Muslim convert


‘Aanslag door bekeerlinge Aisha (18) voorkomen door OM’


According to the Prosecution, an eighteen year old Muslim convert by the name of Aisha, planned an attack on a public building in the Netherlands. She is also suspected of participating in the terrorist organization IS and planning a terrorist crime.


She had been arrested a number of times in the past.  She underwent an investigation by the Dutch Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology (NIFP). According to the Prosecution, she gave answers that the experts wanted to hear, i.e. socially desirable answers.


The Prosecution is requesting a 30 month jail sentence of which 24 months would be suspended.  They are also requesting that she should be forbidden from having internet access.


FM: BNFTN via Limburger.nl

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