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Mark Levin Praises Trump’s ‘Muscular, Yet Prudential’ National Security Strategy Speech: Like ‘Reagan’s Third Term’…….


I agree 100%.


As a solid supporter of Ted Cruz during the primary in 2016, I had my serious doubts about DJTrump, the battle waged by him to secure the presidential nomination was brutal. It continued however after the nomination into the election campaign for president against Hillary Clinton, of that I’m thankful.


I agree with Mark Levin in his analysis of president Trump, who says that “he’s not a ‘nationalist’ or ‘populist’ and never describes himself as one, but he does admit to conservative principles”. He’s a former Democrat, now a Republican, but most importantly, he views himself as an American and filters politics through that prism of patriotism which can be defined as what’s best for the American people.


Pres.Trump has proven himself to me on many occasions, so I no longer doubt his integrity, and while I may differ on certain economic, social policies, I know that he will never ever betray his office or his country and the American people. This latest speech proves that 100%.


Mark Levin Praises Trump’s ‘Muscular, Yet Prudential’ National Security Strategy Speech: Like ‘Reagan’s Third Term’


“Amazing,” “incredible,” and “outstanding” were among the laudatory descriptions used by Mark Levin in praising President Donald Trump’s national security address on Monday.


Levin contrasted Trump’s national security strategy with that of Barack Obama’s during the Monday edition of his radio program: “I listened to president Trump’s speech, today. It was an incredible speech. It was an outstanding speech.”


Levin then quoted the headline of an article on Conservative Review, saying, “My buddies over at Conservative Review are correct. They wrote a piece over there … calling it ‘Trump National Security Strategy is Reagan’s third term.’ And it is. It is muscular, yet prudential national security strategy. Therefore, it’s quite different from Barack Obama’s, which was oriented in appeasement, the surrender of national sovereignty, and capitulation.”

Describing Trump’s speech as “highly inspiring,” Levin framed his own alliance with Trump’s vision with an “85 to 90 percent” quantifier.


Trump’s national security strategy is an “extremely substantive, comprehensive, thoughtful document,” said Levin, casting is as “right on the money.”


“The president has laid out a successful, rational, thorough foreign policy agenda [and] national security agenda. What he said was profound and really put the nation back on the right path with respect to national security,” said Levin.


Conservatives of varying flavors should be happy with Trump’s national security approach and broader vision, said Levin: “You have to be very, very pleased right now with the direction that President Trump is taking this country, or trying to take this country.”


Trump’s successes, added Levin, were particularly noteworthy given opposition to him from politicians in both parties, the federal government, and the news media: “His first year has been highly successful, particularly when you consider the forces arrayed against him.”


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