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Finland: Laura Huhtasaari echoes US Pres.Trump on campaign trail, ”Finland first means remembering our closest neighbors”…….


I spotted an interesting comment to the article that clearly reeks of failed classic Marxist thought (class consciousness):

“ROPAKANTAA: I personally believe that Finns are able to also place an African alongside with their neighbor, or any other person who is afflicted.”

No you can’t, and I’m not making a racial statement here (for those of you who think I am, just follow the bouncing ball). We as human beings simply do not have the mental nor emotional capacity to care for ‘all people’ as we do our own family and close neighbors. That’s just a fact. Yes we act out of selflessness in a time of trouble, helping any person in need in our society, whether it be a national social drive, or local campaign.


Even in national disasters we (at least many of us) kindheartedly help out our fellow man regardless of who he or she is. However, lets take a closer look at such a situation when it involves a family member of someone you happen to know. In a tragedy, lets say an automobile accident involving multiple people, I’ll wager dollars to doughnuts that if you had to chose in a split second who you were going to help, it’ll be the people you know, first. It’s not that you do not care about others, but these are the people with whom you deal with on a local level.


Class consciousness is part of a failed, utopian ideology, that expected a steel worker in Bogota Columbia to have more in common with a steel worker in Kiev, than with the parents whose child who plays on the same soccer team as his own kid. It simply would not happen for the reasons I just explained. It’s high time that we out the ‘class consciousness’ element of the open borders movement and hold them to task, it’s killing us and misusing funds that could have much more impact on the international level (if it’s properly applied, going straight to the people or valid NGO’s).


Presidential candidate, Laura Huhtasaari in Rovaniemi: “We think that our neighbor is in Africa, not seeing that he’s here close by”

The presidential candidate of The Finns was campaigning on Sunday in Rovaniemi, Tervola, Tornio and Kemi. In Rovaniemi, seats in the cafeteria at the petrol station were filled.


Perussuomalaiset Jaakko Raivio (vas.) ja Matti Haapala uskovat Laura Huhtasaaren kirivän presidenttikisassa kakkoseksi. –Kolmaskin sijan olisi tosi kunniallinen. Se osoittaisi, että kansallismieliselle liikkeelle on Suomessa kannatusta, Haapala sanoo.


-Charismatic woman. It was by no means surprising that she was elected as vice president of the party. She has something that titillates a nationalistic perspective.


This is how one of her supporters described presidential candidate, Laura Huhtasaari. Matti Haapala, Rovaniemi, is a vice-president and party activist of the Young Finns of Lapland. He has come to the Rovaniemi Erottajan Shell station on Sunday morning to listen to what the presidential candidate has to say.


-Huhtasaari clearly should be a leader, who represents persistence and conservative, nationalistic values, Haapala says.


Laura Huhtasaari arrives at the campaign event on time and shakes hands with all the locals first. Takes a cup of tea and delivers her speech.


Huhtasaari begins with the European Monetary Union, because that was the time she had a political awakening. As a teacher, Huhtasaari was convinced that going to the euro was a big mistake and was looking for answers and different ideas from different parties. It was found in The Finns.


– I saw that the party is right in everything else. It drives the affairs of ordinary people, “Huhtasaari says.


In EU policy, Huhtasaari considers the main thing that (EU) integration does not increase anymore. On the contrary, the objective is that the Union, shaken by Brexit, be weakened by a piece by piece until what’s only left is a Trade Union which does get involved in domestic affairs.


In military defense Huhtasaari would maintain a non-alliance status.


– I’m not for applying for NATO membership.


In her speech Huhtasaari makes clear many times to whom the interests she would be defending as president. she refers to US President Donald Trump, whose main election campaign message was “own nation first”.


-Would not we have a pretty great world if every country would think so? Huhtasaari asks.


Huhtasaari feels that too often Finland is thinking that their neighbor is in Africa, not seeing that he’s here close by. She tells she had received a trade union against Super’s challenge and had spent days working at a nursing home.





As an example, Huhtasaari wants to tell that our own people need to be looked after first. Instead, a large portion of the refugees who came to Finland did not even need help in Huhtasaari’s opinion.


-It could be there that there were some refugees among them, but most came here only in hope for a better life, she says.


– We need to have an immigration policy with neutral effects. We are the owners of our own country, Huhtasaari says and gets applause from the crowd.

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