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CR: Trump’s National Security Strategy is Reagan’s third term…….


High five for the Gipper’s legacy…


Trump National Security Strategy is Reagan’s third term


Posted December 18, 2017 12:54 PM by Jordan Schachtel

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On Monday afternoon, President Trump will release his comprehensive National Security Strategy (NSS), delivering a speech on the document that will likely shape his foreign policy. Conservative Review received an advance draft of the strategy memo prior to the president’s expected Monday afternoon speech.


The NSS is very much Reaganesque in its policy prescriptions, but it’s also formulated to adopt many of President Trump’s proposals that he discussed on the campaign trail and during his first year in office.


Reagan’s third term


President Trump’s NSS is remarkably similar to President Ronald Reagan’s 1987 and 1988 strategies. Trump’s borrows from the strategies implemented by President Reagan in his campaign to defeat the Soviet Union.


An entire pillar of the Trump NSS is dedicated to preserving “peace through strength.” This realist approach to foreign affairs recognizes that a dedication to ensuring American hegemony preserves stability and reduces the chance for conflict.


Similar to Reagan, President Trump recognizes that ideological warfare is an essential component of a grand strategy. The Trump NSS promises to “deny violent ideologies the space to take root,” and includes “combating the evil ideology of jihadists by exposing their falsehoods, promoting counter-narratives, and amplifying credible voices.”


Both the Trump and Reagan NSS recognize the tools or “elements of national power” that American can use to challenge adversaries and support allies.


Burning down Obama’s sacred cows


President Obama famously refused to recognize that there was an Islamic element to radical jihadist movements that were proliferating the globe during his tenure. Obama took pains to distance Islam from the ideology of terrorist organizations, once famously declaring that “ISIS is not Islamic.”


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