Islam in the UK Islamic terrorism

Changing UK: Curtailing traditions due to threats of Islamic terrorism…….


Thanks to UK officials allowing Islamics into their country, the Brits are forced to forgo long held traditions.



Just exactly what are the over all net benefits of allowing Muslims to immigrate into our countries, that other groups in Europe couldn’t have played a role in? A kebab stand at the corner of your street?


Continuing terror threat forces King’s College Chapel to scrap traditional queue for Christmas carol concert

t is one of those longstanding traditions – such as the last night of the Proms or the overnight queue for Wimbledon tickets – which appears to be a unique feature of British life.


But the fear of a potential terror attack has now forced the organisers of the King’s College Chapel carol concert to scrap its queue for seats and replace it with ticket-only entry.


For decades crowds have formed long queues outside the Cambridge college in the hours before its annual concert of Christmas carols and readings.


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