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Pakistan: Islamonazi suicide bombers attack Bethel Memorial Methodist church during service, 5 people murdered, 18 wounded…….


All in the name of allah, and his warlord…



Pakistan church attack: Suicide bombers storm church and detonate explosives as congregation worships

Five people killed and up to 18 wounded before attackers thwarted


Two suicide bombers stormed a Christian church in southwestern Pakistan, killing at least five people and wounding up to 18 before being stopped by police guards.


The gunmen, who were wearing vests filled with explosives, attacked the church in Quetta city when Sunday services had just opened.


Sarfaraz Bugti, home minister for Baluchistan province, said hundreds of worshippers were attending the church ahead of Christmas.


He said one attacker was killed at the entrance to the church, while the other set off his payload inside.


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