Islam in the UK

UK: Hindus object to Islamic beachhead in their area of Leicester…….


The Hindus know all too well what follows the building of an Islamic beachhead (mosque), a full force frontal assault on their society, the very same India has faced since Islam washed itself upon its shores centuries ago…


Hindus in Leicester object Islamic Centre in their area to avoid harm.

Kishanlal Ahuja | HENB | Leicester | Dec 15, 2017:: To check a Jihadi propagation and to avoid any Islamic attack from its epicenter, thousands of residents of a largely Hindu area of Leicester have objected to a proposed Muslim prayer room and education centre.


Supporters of the Islamic education center insist it is not a mosque; however, opponents say it will harm the community, the Leicester Mercury reports+.


After a developer applied to convert a vacant warehouse in the Belgrave area of the city into facilities for Muslims, more than 1,435 letters of objection have been sent to planning officials, and 3,569 people signed a petition against the plan.


“Belper Education Centre” a covert Islamic organisation is trying hard to establish a Islamic (read Jihad) education center in the Hindu area with an ulterior motive as suspected. Some 350 representations from Muslims have been made in support of the plan to establish the Belper Education Centre, as it would be called.


It is learnt that Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin Muslim residents in Leicester took the initiatives to make the proposed Islamic Prayer house cum education centre under Belper Education Centre.


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Here’s a notable moment:


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