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Sharia supremacist Malaysia jails woman for ‘insulting’ Islam……..


Anyone caught promoting the myth of ”moderate Malaysia”, let alone ”moderate Islam”, should be automatically relegated to the extreme margins of societal debate on Islam.


The same is happening in Europe thanks to dhimmified European leaders who insist on importing millions of (Jew hating) Muslims into Europe and placating them by censoring any critics of their demonstrable, totalitarian and evil ideology called Islam.


Housewife jailed, fined for insulting Islam


IPOH: A woman was sentenced to jail and fined by a magistrate’s court here after being found guilty of deliberately uttering words that insulted the Islamic faith at a mosque last year.


Tham Yut Mooi (pic), 46, was accused of uttering the insulting words at Masjid Abu Ubaidah in Taman Perpaduan, Ulu Kinta here at about 5.30pm on May 4, 2016.


The housewife and mother of two, who was slapped with three charges, was sentenced to six months’ jail and fined RM5,000 for each charge under Section 298 of the Penal Code.



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