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Thanks Dems, the Mueller Mess Is Just the Outcome Russia Wanted…….


I’ve said it before, Russian meddling was designed to see what kind of internal domestic havoc they could create. It wasn’t so much in directing election outcomes, but driving the spike of distrust in government institutions and angst between political parties.


The Dems are guilty of swallowing the bait from pure partisan politics, while the Republicans struggle to expose the ideological morass and corruption within their government elements that the Russians exploited. The Russians knew that both the Clintons and many of the top Dems can be easily bought, and IMHO wanted Hillary in the WH, but they wanted tumult in US politics even more.


They achieved it, easily, that’s the lesson to learn here.


Spy Wars: The Mueller Mess Is Just the Outcome Russia Wanted


I believe the Russians are involved in American politics. It’s an old story: There used to be organizations known as “Communist front groups” that were founded, funded, and otherwise supported by the Kremlin, the most important of which was ANSWER. Such organizations undoubtedly still exist, and their mission is still the same: destroy American democracy.


They are part of the global war against the United States. They hate and fear democracy and freedom, which — as the demise of the Soviet Empire abundantly demonstrates — are the greatest threat to their own legitimacy and hence their continued tyranny. Hatred and fear of the United States is what binds together such diverse regimes as those in Moscow, Tehran, Beijing, Pyongyang, and Caracas.


So I am not surprised when our counter-intel guys find evidence of Russian meddling. But if we had an intelligence community worthy of the name, we’d probably know a lot more. And not just about Russians, either.

Given the deep corruption of the American political system, there must be considerable activity by Chinese and Iranian agents as well. And, apparently, Pakistanis, as it seems from the remarkable story of aides to former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz:


The Awans, three of their relatives and a close friend are the targets of an FBI and U.S. Capitol Police criminal investigation into allegations they committed congressional cybersecurity violations and large-scale theft of congressional property in a scheme that may have begun more than a decade ago.
NOTE: The US is easy to exploit when you have one party (Dems) which loathes its own constitution, works to damage the civil society with all kinds of destructive demagoguery and only interested in preserving itself, not the union. The GOPe are almost as bad, but many Repubs aren’t, nor is their base.

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