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New studies show rampant Jew hatred among Muslim settlers arriving in Germany…….


Thanks for verifying something that I’ve been reporting on for years…


All of you who read this blog KNOW that I’ve been hammering this point for a long time. I’ve noted that their importing of Jew hating Muslims into Europe totally undermines their (European leaders) insistence that ‘Never Again’ means just that. Once a year these same leaders shed a tear or two over murdered Jews in the Holocaust, then spend the rest of the year demonizing the only Jewish state in existence while funneling in millions upon millions of Jew hating Muslims into their countries.



 DECEMBER 15, 2017 08:16

Antisemitic attitudes and rejection of Israel are widespread among the newcomers.


BERLIN — Antisemitism among Muslim refugees is rampant and requires urgent attention, a new study suggests.

But the study commissioned by the American Jewish Committee’s Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations in Berlin also suggests that refugees from persecuted minority communities are more likely to take a stand against anti-Semitism and for Israel.

Titled “Attitudes of refugees from Syria and Iraq towards integration, identity, Jews and the Shoah,” the research report was prepared by historian and sociologist Günther Jikeli of Indiana University and the University of Potsdam, Germany, with help from Lars Breuer and Matthias Becker. The study was commissioned by the American Jewish Committee.

The report, based on interviews with 68 refugees, comes amid a series of virulent anti-Israel and anti-America demonstrations in the German capital  denouncing the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Thousands of protesters  burned homemade Israeli flags and crowded city subway stations chanting anti-Israel and anti-American slogans on their way to rallies. The numbers of refugees among the demonstrators was unknown.


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