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Finnish presidential debate: Finns Party candidate Laura Huhtasaari comes in 2nd out of field of eight…….


I doubt that she has a chance, that’s just my personal opinion after following decades of Finnish politics, but it’s nice to see her way out on top!


Viewers evaluate: Niinistö was best, Haatainen weakest – see the big debate on Arena


General Election debate 14.12.2017.



Yle asked the viewers to pick which candidates were doing best in the debate. Sauli Niinistö received the most votes during a few hours of voting, getting 3 492 votes from the viewers.

Second, Laura Huhtasaari came in with 1 625 votes, and close on her heels waving his book diligently in the debate was Paavo Väyrynen with 1515 votes.


 General Election Conference on 14 December 2017.

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