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Swdish media reveals ethnicity of terrorists who firebombed synagogue, two Syrians and one ‘Palestinian’…….


It’s amazing that we got that much, let alone the story of the synagogue being attacked…


But as far as I know, they’re still debating on whether the attack on a synagogue after an evening of incitement against the Jews, was an act of antisemtism.



Swedish media have published the ethnicity of three men arrested for throwing fire bombs against a filled synagogue in Malmö.


The day after immigrants with Palestinian flags called for killing Jews, masked men threw fire bombs against a filled synagogue in Malmo. The state-supported Swedish online media expo has now revealed the ethnicity of the perpetrators.


“Two of them are from Syria, one of them from Palestine, writes left-wing Expo. All three are reportedly came to Sweden in 2015, “ writes Fratider .


Fire bomb attack on the synagogue occurred on December 9th – the day after radical Islamists had called for killing Jews at a demonstration in Malmo .


More here in Danish

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