Finland Hate Speech laws MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish supreme court rejects gay Finns politician’s application for appeal of conviction for ‘inciting against an ethnic group’ (Muslims)…….


As I stated earlier about his case:

This is all about shutting down debate and the warning of society at large about the dangers Islam poses. Just think of a ludicrous situation in which Marxist Russians being imported into Finland during the 30’s and 40’s during WWII, and who promote their totalitarian ideology that calls for subversion of the state, and being protected by the state when locals warn others about them. This is total idiocy.

He plains to take his case to the European High Court but his chances of an overturn are from none to nill.


Supreme Court dismissed Sebastian Tynkkysen’s application for appeal – Conviction for incitement against an ethnic group will remain in force

THE SUPREME Court has dismissed the application for an appeal by Sebastian Tynkkysen, former chairman of the Young Finns of Fundamental Rights . Thus, the judgment of Tynkkysen on the violation of religious freedom and the excitement against the people’s group will remain in force. 


The verdict concerns public Facebook messages published by Sebastian Tynkkysen in July last year. Tynkkynen acted as chairman of the Young Finnish Youth Council at the time of writing.

JUDGMENT of the Tynkkynen would be able to give their views on Muslims without any defamatory, abusive generalization. His conduct thus fulfilled the criminal character of the crime and did not enjoy the protection of freedom of expression.

For the violation of religious freedom, Tynkkynen condemned by naming Muslims as sacred objects in a way that would strengthen religious intolerance and prejudices.


He was sentenced to a fine of 50 days, which amounted to a total of 300 euros. In January, the Oulu District Court ordered writes to be removed from the public’s disposal and disposed of . In April, the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal did not admit further processing permission in this case.



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