Farage: Theresa The Appeaser has caved on virtually everything to the EU…….




Farage: Appeaser Theresa is Dancing to the EU’s Tune and Has Given in on Virtually Everything

Brexit leader Nigel Farage has hit back at British Prime Minister Theresa May’s handling of Brexit negotiations — in which she has made every concession possible to European Union negotiators while failing to deliver Brexit progress — by calling her “Theresa the Appeaser” and stating she had led the nation to dance “to the EU’s tune”.


Farage’s comments came in the chamber of the European Parliament as Eurocrats gathered to discuss Brexit and to criticise Britain’s negotiating team leader David Davis for pointing out that the Brexit agreements so far were not actually legally binding. While this has worried some in the EU including lead negotiator Guy Verhofstadt who has said the agreement should be legally codified as soon as possible, Mr Farage told the parliament they need not worry as PM May would likely to continue to give in to every EU demand, as she had been since negotiations began.


Speaking to the chamber, Mr Farage said: “Barnier said earlier there were key areas upon which he wasn’t prepared to make many concessions. Well you didn’t need to sir because you were up against Theresa May, and she was all for making as many concessions as she possibly could, including  a ludicrous bill of £40 billion for us to have the right to leave.”


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