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Predictions wrong, Middle East not in flames over Trump decision to move embassy to J’lem…….


We all have now become immune to the disingenuously innate ramblings of the fraud media and their supposed ‘experts’…


BREAKING: Middle East Has Not Gone Up in Flames

Because it is preposterous to insist that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel, the political clique opposed to the United States’ recognition of this plain fact—that is, almost all of the western foreign policy establishment, journalists, commentators, former Obama and Clinton administration officials, European politicians and bureaucrats, United Nations cretins, and so on—settled on a different strategy to oppose it.


They fearmongered. In unison, they predicted violence, killing, terrorism, rioting, protests, instability, blowback, and general catastrophe if President Trump followed through on his campaign pledge (and the campaign pledge of many presidents before him).


One sensed that most of these warnings were dishonest—issued not as genuinely believed analysis of what would happen, but as an attempt at scaring the administration out of pulling the trigger. Having spent decades insisting the United States cannot recognize Jerusalem until the Palestinians, Europeans, et al agree, a Trump announcement would not just embarrass but suggest the impotence of an entire political community.


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