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Islamization Europe: European Court weighing whether sharia law overrides existing nation’s civil laws…….


Just think of portions of the hateful/discriminatory Nuremberg Laws being enshrined in today’s EU system. Frightening.


“A ruling that sharia law should have precedence over the state’s civil law would set an alarming precedent for the Council of Europe’s 47 Member States, including the United Kingdom,” Dieppe wrote on Christian Concern’s website. “By contrast, a ruling that civil law should overrule sharia law would have legal benefit throughout the Council of Europe.”


European Court to Decide if Islamic Sharia Law Can Override a Nation’s Civil Law


Can Islamic religious sharia law override a country’s domestic law in Europe? That’s a question the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights is weighing.


The Court heard a case this week that involves applying sharia law to a disagreement between citizens of Greece who are Muslims.


The non-profit organization based in London, Christian Concern, intervened in the case, “because of the importance of the case in European law and its implications for countries across Europe, including the UK,” according to a news release from the organization.




Dieppe said an estimated 85 sharia courts operate in the UK.


“The use of Sharia has led to the promotion of parallel societies within the United Kingdom,” he told CBN News in a statement. “Sharia itself has disproportionately (a)ffected women and gives no legal rights to non-Muslims.”


“The United Kingdom has also become the European hub for Islamic finance,” he continued. “Any Grand Chamber ruling promoting the use of Sharia would only further give weight to the growing segregation of the Muslim community in England and its disassociation with democratic and British values.”


The case, Molla Sali v. Greece, deals with a dispute over an inheritance. After her husband died, Sali inherited his entire estate under his will written according to Greek law.


However, two sisters of the husband say sharia law should govern how the inheritance is divvied up because the man was a member of the Muslim community in Thrace, and the mufti should oversee that process. A mufti is a Muslim legal expert in religious law.


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