OIC says Europe needs millions of Muslims to help pay for their pensions…….


This is where lunatic EU open border leaders are getting their talking points from…



Islamic Org Claims Europeans Need Millions of Muslim Migrants to Pay Their Pensions

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) — an intergovernmental body consisting of 57 states — has declared Europeans need Muslim mass migration to pay their pensions.


As well as describing “rising” migration from the Muslim world as a “win-win boon”, the organisation’s information and communications director Maha Akeel said that Europe is obliged to “rejuvenate itself” through opening its doors to the world’s poor, because the continent is named after “a Syrian mother”.


Writing in Euractiv, Akeel — whose organisation declares itself to be “the collective voice of the Muslim world” — proclaims opposition to mass migration from outside the continent to be “thoroughly foreign to Europe”.


She adds: “Immigration into and within Europe is older than the name Europe itself. In Greek mythology, the woman after whom the continent was named, Europa, was originally from Phoenicia, an ancient civilisation encompassing what is now modern-day Syria and Lebanon,” she said.


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