Finland Islamization mosques MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Bahrain sharia supremacist behind funding of Grand Mosque (beachhead) in Helsinki…….


This Islamonazi project planned for Helsinki needs to be nipped in the bud.



H/T: Helena Saxberg‏: He’s connected to multiple sharia Islamic banks.

Abdul Latif Mahmoud “Once consigned to the fringes, Sunni hard-liners like Abdullatif al-Mahmood are suddenly gaining a receptive audience amid a government crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.”


The Helsinki Grand Mosque funded by Bahrain for 400,000 euros

The Bahrain funding agency at the Helsinki Wood Pile Mosque and the Multipurpose Center emphasizes the independence of the project from its financiers.
The Oasis Foundation organized a briefing in Helsinki on Friday, where Abdullatif Al-Mahmood, chairman of the Islamic Community Charity Organization of Bahrain, shared the background to the project.

– In Bahrain and other countries of the Gulf, we will open a donation to individuals and organizations, provided that no one is involved in the management and operation of this project in any way, Al-Mahmood said.

So far, the planned mosque and multifunctional center in Helsinki has been supported by Bahrain for 400,000 euros. In total, the budget for the planning phase is estimated at € 700,000, which money is to be awarded an architectural contest for the construction of the mosque and the multifunctional center.

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