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A time to reintroduce Sam Solomon’s ‘A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding’…….


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A Proposed Charter of Muslim Understanding

By Sam Solomon


If Islam is a religion of peace, as portrayed by the Muslim community and its clergy, and those acts of terrorism committed in its name are the acts of few misguided individuals who have misunderstood and misinterpreted its teaching, then Islam is completely innocent of the violence and the terrorism that is sometimes attributed to it.

Consequently, in extrapolating from this premise, one should expect that in the light of the current terrorist threat perpetrated by some in the name of Islam that the faithful ones and the authorised scholars and experts call a general conference of its Ulema, the learned scholars of Islamic religion, to discuss provisions such as laid out in this Charter. They should have no objection to being signatories to it, and upholding its content both in letter and spirit in the name of Islam and for the welfare of their host societies and that of humanity at large.

We call on organisations representing the Islamic faith such as the European Council of Fatwa, the Muslim Council of Britain, the Al-Azhar, the  Organisation of Islamic Conference, the Muslim World League and all its affiliates, national and international Islamic bodies, to endorse and sign this proposed Charter as an example to all European Muslims. It is hoped that the Muslim leaders would agree that whosoever deviates from the path of this Charter would have gone on an unIslamic path and thus such a person would be regarded as outcast from the religion of Islam; hence a non-Muslim.

It is hoped that at least all European Muslim leaders and their institutions both national and Europe-wide will be signatories 7 Introduction to this Charter as the first expression of their desire to live in peace within their host countries, as law-abiding and peace loving and peace-promoting communities alongside their non-Muslim neighbours. Whatever their real or perceived grievances these need to be addressed through proper channels and not through violence and terrorism.



We the undersigned as the representatives of Muslim ommunities in our capacity as leaders at various levels as Muftis, Ulemas, Imams, community leaders, heads of Islamic madrassas, Muezzins, Mazuns and all other Islamic relevant offices including those of free thinkers and leaders of NGOs as
well as NPOs (Non-Profit Organisations), youth leaders, women leaders at all levels of all Islamic institutions commit to uphold, promote, propagate and abide by these articles in letter and spirit of this Charter of Muslim Understanding.

We commit to the fostering and promotion of peaceful coexistence across Europe in the spirit of one brotherhood amongst all humanity treating all as equals in accordance with the principles proclaimed in the charter of the United Nations, the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (General Assembly resolution 217A(III) of 1948), and the United Nations’ International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966).
Whosoever breaches any of the articles stated and detailed below will be regarded as a person outside the House of Islam, and shall be denounced as a non-Muslim, and will find no protection in the Muslim community.


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