Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism

20 riots throughout Judea and Samaria including eastern section of the capital Jerusalem……..


All thanks to the ‘Paleostinian’ leadership who incited the violence…


Several injured, arrested during riots in East Jerusalem, West Bank

Some 20 riots broke out today (Saturday) throughout Palestinian territories as heightened tensions and calls for rage remain. Two Israeli policemen and, according to the Red Crescent, some 12 Palestinian rioters were injured during clashes in East Jerusalem.

Amit Boukai

At some 20 locations throughout the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, violent confrontations between Palestinians and Israeli security forces continue into Saturday evening. The Red Crescent says that 12 Palestinian rioters were injured during clashes in East Jerusalem today (Saturday).


As reported earlier by JOL, about 450 Palestinians gathered earlier at Rachel’s Tomb near Bethlehem, throwing rocks. Meanwhile, several dozen Palestinian youths blocked Salah al-Din Road in East Jerusalem and confronted Israel Police, who hurried to disperse the crowd but remained in the area with increased deployment. Six stone-throwers were arrested and two policemen that were lightly injured received medical treatment at the scene.


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