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Sweden supposedly to ‘crack down’ on child marriages by residents traveling abroad for pedo-nuptials…….


Sweden’s trajectory is headed in a direction that any logical legislation it enacts today, will eventually be overturned by an Islamic majority.


Sweden to crack down on child marriages


Sweden to crack down on child marriages

A report commissioned by the Swedish government proposes ways to make it more difficult for child marriages from abroad to be recognized in Sweden, but critics say stopping short of a full ban is not enough.

The legal marriageable age in the Nordic nation is 18, but at present the country recognizes child marriages if they occurred abroad and neither party has links to Sweden. The new proposal would mean Sweden does not recognize the marriages if one of the parties is under 18 at the point of arrival in the Scandinavian country.


If the person has turned 18 by the time they come to Sweden however, the recognition of the marriage would not be affected. Government investigator Mari Heidenborg argued that as several EU countries allow marriage at the age of 16, a general ban is not possible:


“That would risk a conflict with the European conventions on the right to life and private life”.


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