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J.E.Dyer: The incredible shifting rationale for ‘investigating Trump’…….


There’s none, and at the end of the fact trail, will find bear that out…


The whole “Trump-Russia” theme – which, again, has yet to yield any indictable information about Trump, or about any of his associates as it relates to Russian activity – functioned in 2016 as a convenient pretext for spying on the Trump campaign.


The incredible shifting rationale for ‘investigating Trump’

Any post on this topic must start with the observation – one that remains valid after nearly a year and a half of U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies trying to find dirt on Trump – that nothing prosecutable has turned up.  Nothing, that is, that relates to Trump, his campaign, or his presidency.


pointed that out in September, in relation to the history of “unmasking” and even actual wiretapping of Trump associates in 2016.


Now there have been three excellent posts in the last 24 hours that really bring into focus how the effort to nail Trump has changed its spots over time.  Apparently, the purpose of this has been to “get” him on something – anything – and to call the pursuit of Trump whatever is necessary to justify using the tools available to the executive branch of the federal government.


Referring to the general effort as a “Trump-Russia probe” papers over the shifting of the rationale in law, as opposed to the rationale for bumper-sticker political chatter.  That’s presumably why the mainstream media give little coverage to the justifications being enunciated by public officials.


But the officials have been enunciating those justifications.  Each one has been paper-thin, but they’ve been there.


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