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Germany: Ex-SDP 15 yr member and MP moves to Erdogan’s (AKP) Turkish Foreign Ministry……


The need to end dual citizenship couldn’t be any more obvious and necessary…


To be a part of the AKP you have to be a committed sharia supremacist, there’s no way Erkan could receive such a position and not check off all the boxes on the Islamonazi checklist.


Ex-SDP member of parliament moves to Turkish Foreign Ministry


For 15 years, Mustafa Erkan was involved with the SDP in Lower Saxony, now he wants to work for the Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu. A vote on a renewed candidature for the state parliament he lost in April.


After more than 15 years of active politics for the SPD in his hometown Neustadt am Rübenberge and most recently in the state parliament, he looks forward to his forthcoming activity. The SDP in Lower Saxony did not want to comment on the change, reported the “Neue Presse”.


Erkan had again wanted to run for the Lower Saxony Parliament, but in April lost a party vote on the candidacy in his constituency – by lot. His support was even SDP politician Doris Schröder-Köpf arrived, as the “New Press” reported . But he and his challenger Wiebke Osigus got three times exactly the same number of votes, then was solved. “Even as a kid, I’ve always had bad luck with the ticket,” Erkan told the local newspaper reporter. Since November 14, Osigus has been sitting for the SDP in the Lower Saxony state parliament.


The Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu from the ACP party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had recently in early November at a meeting with Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SDP) sought to relax in German-Turkish relations.


“For me it continues to be true: full commitment to the German-Turkish friendship!” Mustafa Erkan wrote in the announcement of his job change. He also posted a photo showing him with the Turkish minister.


Spiegel Online

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