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France: Former PM agrees that jihad has everything to do with Islam…….


Saying what we all already know to be true…


These are pious Muslims acting out the dictates the founder of their ideology laid down for them. Not rocket science here.


Former French PM: ‘Jihadists Act in the Name of Islam’

Former French prime minister Manuel Valls has insisted that not only do jihadists act in the name of Islam, but denying terrorists are true Muslims removes the responsibility of other Muslims to act.


Mr. Valls, who served under Socialist President François Hollande, made his comments in a recent interview in which he stressed the importance of helping moderate Muslims combat radical Islamic extremism, L’Express reports.


“To say that Islam and Islamism have nothing to do with it is to deny any responsibility to act to our fellow Muslims. We must help them, we must help them to fight within themselves these totalitarian ideologies of Salafism or the Muslim Brotherhood,” Valls said.


Valls, who is now a member of President Emmanuel Macron’s Republic on the March party (LREM), slammed comments by French journalist Edwy Plenel, who claimed that he, along with satirical magazine Charlie Hendo, was “at war” with Muslims.


“We do not make war on them [Muslims], we fight a fight against Islamism, against this terrorism that also kills Muslims,” he said.


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