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Jordan: Imam rails against ‘The Zionists’ (a.k.a. the Jews): Only the sword will resolve struggle with them…….


There will be no peace between Muslim Arabs and the Jews, only a cessation of violence until the Jews appear weak…


WATCH: Jordanian Sermon: ‘Only Sword Will Resolve Struggle with Zionists’

A new video demonstrates just how fragile the peace agreement between Israel and Jordan may be.


While Israel made significant concessions on water rights and other issues in order to reach a peace agreement with Jordan in 1994, critics warned that the promise of peace from the ruling Hashemites might not be respected by future Jordanian leaders.


During a Friday sermon at the Al-Zaytoonah University Mosque in Amman, Jordan, Dr. Ahmad Shahrouri illustrates the fragility of this peace agreement, with the speaker attacking “fraudulent politicians” for signing peace treaties with Israel.



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